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Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer is often thought of as food for grass. But what it actually is more like are vitamins. Fertilizer provides the basic chemical building blocks that the turfgrass plants use to build new plant cells. It is those plant cells that create the food and energy from sunlight that the turfgrass uses to grow.

Cool season lawns require 3 - 4 lbs. of nitrogen per year. I try to get the recommended amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium per year. I use slow release fertilizers in the spring and soluble fertilizers in the fall where it is important for the roots to absorb the nutrients quickly without producing top-growth.

Granular fertilizers help build up the soil better and last longer. Liquid fertilizers actually have a faster green up response, but they wear off quite soon.


Complete lawn services

I provide lawn fertilization, weed control, and lawn renovation for both cool season and warm season grasses found in our area. I also provide complete lawn irrigation installation, maintenance, and service.

  • Weed control on turf and landscape

  • Insect control, such as grubs, ticks, caterpillars, ants etc.

  • Fertilization, aeration, seeding

  • Disease and insect control on trees and shrubs

  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems


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