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Lawn Renovation Solutions

Sometimes the best solution for a tired, worn lawn is a complete turfgrass renovation. That includes removal and installation of a new lawn. I use turf-type fescue blends and shade loving blends in relation to shade or sun applications. I also use a special starter fertilizer when I seed that provides the best growing environment for new seeds. I broadcast the seed and fertilizer and then verticut it in (also known as power rake slice seeding). When seeding on bare dirt, I use straw to mulch it.

It is important for new lawns that they be given adequate water during the germination and early development. That may mean applying additional water to the new seedlings on a daily basis to keep the soil evenly moist until they reach a mature growth. This helps insure that your newly renovated lawn will develop a deep, healthy root system that can withstand the many stresses likely to be encountered during the typical growing seasons we have here in the Kansas, Missouri area.

Complete lawn services

Besides lawn renovations, I also provide lawn fertilization, and weed control for both Cool Season and Warm Season grasses found in our area. I also provide complete lawn irrigation installation, maintenance, and service.

  • Weed control on turf and landscape

  • Insect control, such as grubs, ticks, caterpillars, ants etc.

  • Fertilization, aeration, seeding

  • Disease and insect control on trees and shrubs

  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems

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