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Turf Diseases

Fungus diseases can destroy entire lawns if left untreated. Brown Patch and other related warm weather fungus problems concern me the most.

When we have warm humid weather without much air movement in July and August, it is prime time for fungus development in our turfgrasses. Healthy grass can defend itself against these diseases much better than a lawn that is under stress. I try to evaluate where the stress points are that might cause problems for your lawn. Here are some of the major points that I try to be on the lookout for:

  • Lack of necessary minimum water requirements (about 1" per week)

  • Improper soil pH that may need a lime application

  • Improved drainage, reduced soil compaction

  • Excess nitrogen in the soil can also encourage fungus development

  • Cultural practices that might be changed to reduce stress

    • Over watering / soggy soil

    • Watering at wrong time of day

    • Improper mowing height

    • Removing too much grass blade at one time

    • Insufficient light penetration from overhead tree canopy

Planting new improved varieties of turfgrass that have better resistance to fungus can also be an option. There are several turfgrass diseases that I see throughout the growing season like rust and powdery mildew, that, while they look unsightly, a healthy lawn will usually just grow out of it without dying. In those situations, the best solution is no solution. Knowing when to treat and when to let Mother Nature handle things, makes a world of difference.

Call me today and request your FREE inspection for turf diseases that might be effecting the health of your lawn.